5 Exercises That Pregnant Mums-To-Be Can Enjoy

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By Mummyfique Contributor
May 12, 2021
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Pregnancy is an exciting time for a woman — the prospect of a bringing a new life into this world is such an emotional and special experience. It also signifies a period of great change, particularly to one’s body. After all, when you’re are growing a child inside you, a burgeoning figure is inevitable. But that does not mean that pregnant mamas who wish to keep fit cannot do so. There are some exercises that a pregnant mum can do to continue with her active lifestyle while preparing her body to deliver a baby.

Here are five exercises that a mum-to-be can embark on to maintain her strength, stamina and vitality:

1. Walking

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Walking is a great way to stay active as it does not place undue stress on your back and hips during your pregnancy. A 10-minute walk in the park for example, is a lovely way to get some exercise in while enjoying some fresh air and nature.

2. Swimming 


Swimming is a gentle way to get some cardiovascular exercise and can help to enhance blood circulation. The additional weight of the baby is less of a factor thanks to the buoyant nature of water resulting in a low impact exercise that doesn’t strain the joints.


Aqua-spinning and aqua-aerobics are fun variations on swimming that pregnant mums can try . We hear that they can even help reduce the likelihood of developing swollen ankles and varicose veins!

3. Yoga 


Pre-natal yoga classes help mothers to prepare for delivery by focusing on spinal alignment and toning of birthing muscles. They also teach the expectant mums proper breathing techniques that can be really useful during labour.



4. Light Weight training


There is a common misconception that pregnant women should avoid weight training but when done correctly, light weight training can actually be very beneficial, helping to strengthen those abdominal and back muscles.


5. Barre


Mums who crave a bit more movement in their exercise should definitely jump on the Barre bandwagon. Inspired by ballet, Barre classes are a combination of yoga, strength straining, core training and pilates in one fun yet effective package. Ballerinas are known for their strong physiques and incredible flexibility — qualities that are really useful to a pregnant mama as they prepare to deliver a new life into the world! For some pre-natal Barre poses that you can do at home, read our story here.