10 Biggest Trends For Summer

Fashion and beauty trends this Summer see a rehash of classic styles, updated with a modern edge.
By Maria Komal
June 26, 2021

Finally, summer is here. It’s time to put aside the warm blankets and neutral hue palettes and walk out into the sunlight after what could be the longest winter ever. Fashion and beauty trends this Summer see a rehash of classic styles, updated with a modern edge. Such as true red-lips and bright nails paired with slicked-back hair. Hello 80s – a hark back to a safer, Covid-less era. Bare-faced looks dominate – a respectful nod to the pared down sensibilities of this period. But some refreshing surprises still managed to excite.

Whatever your style, its time to embrace a summer that looks optimistically – well, normal once more.

1. Bold Brows

Source : instagram.com/p/CIoTnhxhluT/

Big brows aren’t new, but this Summer, it’s taking center stage.  Feral brows are all the rage so let them grow.  Bleach them, feather them, dye them, you can’t go wrong.  This is one trend that looks set to stay for awhile so ditch those eyebrow shavers already.

2. Claw Clips

Source : instagram.com/p/CPoIy-0hB1c/

Clips of all kinds—butterfly, braids, bead encrusted—have been popular all year, but claw clips are expected to become more popular in 2021. Claw clips are perfect for covering hairs that haven’t been trimmed in months or apply casual polish to a sweatshirt for a Zoom conference, and they’re favored by Insta-celebs like Bella Hadid, Kendall Jenner, and Devon Lee Carlson. Although simpler versions, such as this Kitsch one on hairstylist Justine Marjan, are currently common, expect more intricate versions to emerge as the year progresses, and they are great for you to follow, especially in summer 2021.

3. Face Mask–Zero + Maria Cornejo

Source : instagram.com/p/CNTWPLajAet/

For the Zero + Maria Cornejo shoot, Dick Page went all out on the makeup. Wearing a face mask proved to be in sharp contradiction to dramatic cosmetics at first sight. Face masks may be seen as an opportunity to experiment on eye shadow.

4. Fringe Benefits

fringe benefits
Source : Maggiesample.com

If fringe creates unflattering photos of fancy dress cowboys or dodgy Dolly Parton hunger for you, you won’t be glad to hear it returning. But it is returning; you can add a little fringe if you’re trying to add some fun from clutch bags to boots.

The fringing ranged across the decades of fashion, from flapper ladies to stylish cowboys, and if the Great Gatsby teaches us anything it is that tassels mustn’t be wasteful. The trim never too distant from our hearts when it was in its shadows.

5. Flaming Lips

flaming lips
Source : harpersbaazar.com.sg

A scarlet pout seldom goes out of style, and the widely flattering blue-toned reds were in full effect this season. A matte, velvety finish dominated the runways, favoring a more sophisticated and polished style.

6. Tie-Dye With Pastel Eyes

Source : instagram.com/p/CLMdt0cn8ea/

Every season, tie-dye and pasteles make an appearance in beauty trends, so mixing the look into your makeup is a no-brainer especially in summer. This look may seem complicated and confusing, yet Urban Decay Global Makeup Artist Steve Kassajikian explains how to achieve it in the simplest way possible. “Apply the shadow stick straight to the skin, then fade it out; you may use it as a base or transformation shade,” he says. “Then, to add dimension, use powder shadows on top” (you can apply with fingers on the lid for high color payoff). Then, to brighten the skin, apply duo-chrome or glitter colors to the inner corner.

7. No Black Eyeliner

Source : instagram.com/p/CMF8UHigBU-

It’s time to take a break from Mac Blacktrack and dive headfirst into colored liners. “I hope we’ll see a couple of bright liners in Aqua and blue colors as well,” Sir John says.” I love this look and suggest using vibrant eyeliner for a soft splash of color if you’re not ready to commit to a vivid, dramatic shadow.”

8. Dewy Skin

Source : instagram.com/p/CQbt5erg4Jk

Wellness has never been more important than it is now, in the midst of a global health crisis and with vaccines only just getting started. Consider bare faces, dewy eyes, light makeup, and a healthy glow. Start the New Year looking healthy. In 2021, it’ll be all about beauty from the inside especially in summer, so up your skincare routine and nourish your body.

9. All Natural

alberta ferreti summer
Source : lofficiel.at

The simplest summer 2021 beauty trend to master isn’t even a trend at all. Model Alberta Ferretti walked down the runway with minimal makeup, a middle section, and natural texture, demonstrating that less is better.

10. ’80s Vibes

Source : instagram.com/p/COI90TfHwgv

While the 1990s and early 2000s have dominated the last few years, 2021 will transition to the 1980s. Instagram has been brimming with more suited ideas to the GLOW girls than a day of Zoom meetings. Consider blush draping and a light blue eyeliner à la Princess Diana. Although the decade has a reputation for being overly extravagant, it’s very simple to render these patterns sound contemporary. Keep the spotlight on one feature this summer and dial down all else.