Founded in 2015 by working mums Dolores Au and Gidania Wong, Mummyfique started off as a digital destination with intelligent, thoughtful editorial for today’s savvy, time-starved modern mothers with babies and young children. In the last 5 years, they have grown into a multi-media company that markets to the mothers and baby community.
At Mummyfique, we are committed to supporting and celebrating mothers, by offering a platform that provides information, inspiration, and recommendations of products and services that are relevant to mums from all walks of life.  In addition, Mummyfique believes in supporting mums-led businesses through collaborations, events, activities, editorials and campaigns that enable these businesses to thrive.  A financially confident mother is a happy mum, and happy mums are the foundation of a happy family.
The Mummyfique team maintains a creative, family-friendly work environment that respects the sanctity of motherhood, diversity, ideas and hard work. Our dream is to prove that you can have work-life balance without compromising on your ideals, success and career goals. We adhere to a strict principle of honesty and integrity in what we do, and will only produce content and offer information that are rooted in facts.
Whether you’re a breastfeeding mum or a bottle-feeding mum, a working mum or a stay-home mum, Mummyfique is here to hold your hand as you navigate your way through the waters of motherhood.