Pre-Natal Massage Review: Spa Club

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Pre-Natal Massage: Spa Club Review 1
By Mummyfique Contributor
May 12, 2021
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I am not big on massages.  Not because I don’t enjoy the experience, I just don’t have the luxury of time.

Taking two hours off in the middle of the day for some “me time” is rare as I have a family business to run as well as a household of three kids –  with one on the way – to manage.

So imagine my delight when I realised that a spa I have to review turned out to be located just across my office on Beach Road. Time saved on the commuting!

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Situated among a row of almost-famous eateries that include a roast duck stall and a traditional Teochew restaurant, you could quite easily miss the signage if you aren’t looking out for it.  It just doesn’t seem like a spot that would house an award-winning luxury spa. But happily for me, it is.

I was quite relieved to step into the floral scented reception area, away from the acrid, heavy blanket of the haze-filled air on the streets. It was like walking into a cocoon of multi-layered sensorial tapestries — I was immediately plunged into relaxation mode. Which, I must say, hardly happens to a perpetually high-strung, 22-weeks pregnant walking ball of raging hormones. It was a good start to the session.

I picked the Ultimate Rose Pregnancy Massage because it says in the brochure that the massage ‘helps to ease aches and pains’, and boy did I need some of that loving.  Common pregnancy aches that afflict a heel-loving, busy mother bee:  stiff neck and shoulders, and sore calves.  Let’s see what magic they can do with the Renew Rose Massage and Body Oil that they prepared for the session, I thought to myself.

First up, the massage room.  It’s tucked away on the second floor, where you’ll find staff consciously treading lightly and conversing in hushed tones; you know you are in a good environment where there is deep respect for the sense of quietude and for your personal comfort. I am really starting to dig this place. The space is about 200 square feet, cosy with a perfect room temperature of about 30 degrees.

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In the centre of the room is a single massage deck, flanked by a bronze-tiled bathroom fully equipped with shampoo, conditioner and a moisturising body wash plus a grooming table and sink that has all the basic amenities you need to freshen up after a session.  I was left alone for five minutes with instructions to strip down to a disposable underwear, wrap myself with a plush towel and lay down on the ample-sized massage bed.

This is really important for me.  You see, just a month ago, I had the unfortunate experience of nearly rolling off a massage table that’s way too small for my pregnant girth and mind you, I am all of five feet nothing. Obviously, I swore never to patronise that spa again.

Next, the massage session. My masseur was a surprisingly young but strong Chinese lady who had a pair of amazingly warm hands.  I had to steal a few peeks now and then to see how she maintained that reassuring temperature. It was like being massaged with a pair of heated mittens — quite extraordinary.  Technique-wise, her youth belied a firmness in her strokes that remain, for the most parts , unbroken from top to tail of the back.  Each calculated movement was between eight to twelve unbroken strokes and by the time she was halfway through massaging my back, I fell asleep.  So deep was my sleep that she had to gently wake me to help me to roll over to the right side of my body.  I had slept a full 40 minutes and was not even aware. Deep relaxation achievement unlocked!

The full session lasted a little over 60 minutes and for the first time in two months of spa trials, I did not want to leave the room nor turn my phone back on.  Thank you, Spa Club for that afternoon of much-needed deep relaxation.  Now if you’d only teach the husband that magical massage technique, my life would be complete.

Mummyfique Rating: 3.5 Fiques

Spa Club

75 Beach Road, #01-00/#02-00

Tel: 6339 9328

The Ultimate Rose Pregnancy Massage costs $288 for 60 minutes. All Mummyfique readers will get to enjoy a special price of $150 for the treatment if they quote ‘Mummyfique’.

Door to door service is available.