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Festive Recipe: Christmas Pudding Snowman

By Mummyfique Contributor
May 13, 2021
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Sometimes the best gifts are the ones made with love. Here, Stellar at 1-Altitude’s pastry chef Jasmin Chew shares a recipe for a Christmas Pudding Snowman that tastes as good as it looks — a great gift idea that comes with a personal touch.



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Christmas Pudding

Dried Fruit Mixed

(Citrus/Raisins/Assorted – green/red)


Stout Beer

(enough to fully soak fruits)


Muscavado Sugar 200g

Dark Treacle Syrup 50g

Flour 60g

Bread Crumbs 150g

Butter Soft 250g

Mixed Spices

(cloves/all spice/nutmeg/ginger/cardamon)

1 tsp each

Ground Almond 50g

Whole Eggs 2 nos

Salt 10g


Soak dried fruits in beer for a week or more before starting. Gather all ingredients and mix well. Keep batter overnight for the ingredients to absorb the flavours fully. Flatten the batter in desired molds and bake at 170°C for 20mins. Once out of the oven, cover with a baking sheet to keep the moisture in and let cool.

Mochi Dough

Shiratama Ko

(Japanese Glutinous Rice Flour)



Mix all ingredients until flour has dissolved. Microwave at high for 2mins, give it a good stir and microwave another 1 minute until fully cooked through. While hot, remove the cooked mochi into a mixing bowl and mash with a hand whisk until it forms a sticky paste consistency. Cover and let cool. Once cooled, dust the paste with Katakuri Ko and knead until it forms a nice springy mochi dough, keep dusting with Katakuri Ko as needed to prevent sticking. Wrap with cling flim and keep in chiller.

Sugar Water

Katakuri Ko

(Japanese Potato Flour)

180g 220g

As needed