Mummyfique Picks | Be Urban Wellness, Kuala Lumpur

Mummyfique Picks | Be Urban Wellness, Kuala Lumpur 2
By Mummyfique Contributor
May 16, 2021

Calm. Cool. Collected. Three words that were the antithesis to what I felt the morning of my appointments at Be Urban Wellness.

My first Grab driver cancelled on me, the second was running late, and my poor Indiana Jones Jr of a son had rather soundly bumped his head against the floor and was making his feelings about it very well known.

So when I finally stepped into the welcoming whiteness of Be Urban Wellness (or Be for short), with its cool, sleek interiors and smiling staff – I breathed my first sigh of peace that day.

Let the de-stressing begin!

Set amidst the lush Bukit Damansara enclave in the Klang Valley, Be occupies three levels of the hilltop-perched Work @ Clearwater building, adjacent to Clearwater Residences.

The tenth floor comprises of Be’s spa, beauty and detox rooms, with its spiral staircase leading up to the eleventh floor space (co-shared with fun dining Japanese tapas restaurant Babe), where Be’s scenic Sunrise and Sunset Yoga sessions take place on the pool deck, overlooking an unparalleled view of the KL city skyline. 

Further up on the twelfth floor is Be’s gym and personal training area, equipped with state-of-the-art gear and facilities such as an infrared sauna, jacuzzi and steam room, in addition to housing their lovely light-filled yoga and meditation studio for the zen-seeking urbanite.


Be is an award-winning, holistic health and wellness centre that melds conventional therapies with modern technology. From Krav Maga self-defence classes, aqua training, floral facials and rejuvenating body scrubs, to Electronic Muscle Stimulation (EMS) workouts, sensory deprivation flotation tanks, and specialist-led aesthetic care – Be has a comprehensive list of services in place, each designed to soothe the weary mind, body and spirit.

For mummies to be and new mums craving some much-needed TLC, Be also offers relaxing prenatal and postnatal massages to unburden those baby-induced leg aches and stiff backs. 

My plan for the day was to undergo two of Be’s wellness therapies: their 60-minute Hyperbaric Oxygen Chamber Therapy, followed by their 90-minute Signature Massage.


Oxygen Chamber Therapy

Upon entering the oxygen therapy room, the first sight that greeted me was an as-yet uninflated pod that would have looked right at home on the set of Interstellar. I was informed by Roselle, my therapist, that during my session, oxygen would be delivered to my body at increased pressure levels, to promote in-depth tissue recovery at an accelerated rate of four times the usual healing time.

She also pointed out the thoughtful amenities provided in the room to keep even the most restless mind at ease: some reading material, pockets of candy to help with any cabin pressure sensations inside the chamber, and a call button to ring for assistance, if required.

My curiosity suitably piqued, I then stepped into my cocoon for the therapy to commence. Once ensconced within, I was expecting gusts of wind to come rushing through the valves, but instead, what I experienced was a slow and steady filling of air in the chamber – a timely reminder to take a step back and just inhale.


As the space around me expanded, I began to feel oddly lightheaded, like the blood was rushing to my head and slowly lulling me into a state of languidness. This, I later found out, was entirely normal, and a result of the change in pressure in the environment. – so I put aside thoughts of digging into the novel I brought along with me, popped in a Mentos, and just allowed my mind and body to drift off and relax.

An hour later and we were done. According to Roselle, clients often see the benefits of oxygen chamber therapy after several rounds of treatment, with many opting to come back for sessions several times a week or month. With positive long-term effects such as improved digestion, faster post-surgery recovery, and improved sleep, it’s easy to see how this can get addictive!


Be’s Signature Massage

Suitably refreshed, I was subsequently taken to another treatment room to undergo Be’s 90-minute Signature Massage. Using a deep tissue, rhythmic approach, combined with hot essential oils to both relax the body and stimulate blood circulation, Be’s massage blends the best of Eastern and Western techniques into one indulgent session.

Under the skilful ministrations of my spa therapist Nida, I felt every tense knot in my body loosen as I relaxed into quite possibly one of the most effective massages I’ve had in a while. This, coupled no doubt with my happy, freshly oxygenated cells, easily knocked me out a bare 15 minutes into the massage, as Nida continued to work her magic. Perceptive and accommodating, Nida took pains to ensure the delivery of an appropriate amount of pressure, targeting any particular areas of grievance, and ensuring my comfort at all times.

As they say, regrettably, however – all good things must come to an end. Chasing down my two and a half hour long pampering session with a warm brew of Be’s delicious ginger tea, I walked out of the centre that day feeling like a new woman.

Calm, cool, and collected? Most definitely.

Be is currently offering a 12-month membership programme at a rate of RM170 per month, inclusive of an unlimited usage of their daily group classes and gym facilities, one Electronic Muscle Stimulation (EMS) session, and one personal training session.

For further information and a full list of Be’s individual treatments and prices, kindly visit their website or call +6017-295 4599 (WhatsApp)/ +603-2095 1999 (phone). 


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